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TraQCentral FAQs

Where can I find and download the mobile app?
Visit from a browser on your phone or go the your phone’s app store and search on “TraQCentral Participant”. You can also find links and user instructions at

How much does TraQCentral cost?
The mobile app is free to all participants at any event utilizing the TraQCentral system. The event organizer is charged a licensing fee. Event Organizers or Race Management companies can request personalized pricing at

Will TraQCentral drain my battery?
No. Though it is impossible to test every brand of phone and configuration, we do perform battery usage test on a variety of phones. Depending on the age of the phone, a 10 hour ride used between 0.7% and 2.8% additional battery power.

Does the app need Internet/Cell service to work?
Yes. The app can only communicate with our Command Center when you have a data connection with your Cellular provider.

Does the app always track me?
The app only tracks your location during an active event. It will shut down automatically at the end of the event or when you exit the application. It also will not record your tracks if you are more than a mile away from an event route.

Can I use TraQCentral for an emergency?
You should always call 911 in the event of an emergency. Cell phones operate in a special mode when calling 911 that utilize the highest quality cellular connection and position reporting to get help to you as quickly as possible. Once you’ve called emergency services, please use TraQCentral to report the emergency to event management. They can dispatch additional, resources.

What happens after you request assistance through the app?
Your request for assistance is immediately received at the Command Center with the nature of your request and your exact location.  Command Center personnel review the incident and dispatch the nearest or most readily available support vehicle.  You are notified once SAG is dispatched with their ETA.

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