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Gain A Competitive Advantage!

The health & fitness market has an estimated value nearing 90 billion dollars annually.  A market that size draws a lot of attention.  It’s a great market for the consumer.  Plenty of choices, especially when it comes to participating in or volunteering for events.   For event organizers, navigating the market successfully can be a challenge.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to retain participants and volunteers.  Growth is nearly impossible.

As this market grows and consumer choices increase, event organizers and race management firms must recognize these undeniable truths.

  • The market is increasingly competitive.
  • Emerging technology has and will continue to play a role in the industry.
  • Organizations that invest in & utilize advanced technology will have a competitive advantage.
  • Participants & Volunteers expect a safe, well communicated and professionally managed event.
  • The event that delivers a safe and enhanced experience will earn repeat & new participants and volunteers.

In today’s market, your event needs to standout. That is true whether your consumer is a competitive athlete, a weekend enthusiast, or is just interested in having fun.  To standout, you must offer unique, advanced features and deliver a superior experience.

How Can TraQCentral Help?

TraQCentral provides the competitive advantage organizers and race management companies need to exceed participant and volunteer expectations. Affordable and readily available technology is utilized to deliver an innovative solution that greatly improves event safety while enhancing communications and the overall experience. It’s features streamline and minimize race-day work and management.

On event day, there are a lot of moving parts.  Things happen quickly and usually in bunches.  TraQCentral provides the tools to manage it all from a single system.


The technology utilized by TraQCentral is readily available and possessed by everyone.  You only need an internet connection for the Command Center and a Smart Phone for the mobile tracking & communications application.


Innovative communications, location tracking, and accurate data allow organizers to respond quickly & correctly to all types of volunteers & participants requests or incidents.  Legal risks are minimized.


The key to efficient and effective communications is data access & accuracy. All vital event information is updated real-time into a centralized system where organizers can manage every logistic & operational aspect of the event. 


User-friendly technology, a focused effort to improve safety and professional communications elevate the participant and volunteer experience of your event.  The friends & family tracking shares that experience with others.

A Case For TraQCentral


In an early beta test of TraQCentral, event organizers saw a unique contrast when two heat exhaustion emergencies came in within an hour. One rider had the app installed, the other did not.

Without TraQCentral

Rider Calls Support Number.

Support: Where are you?
Rider: I don’t know.
Support hangs up, calls 3 SAG vehicles that start to triangulate the area to find the rider.  It takes over 30 minutes. Rider had no idea if or when anyone would show up.  Plus, other areas of the route were left unattended by SAG.

With TraQCentral

Rider clicks “Emergency” button in the TraQCentral mobile app.

Command Center personnel is  instantaneously notified with exact rider location.  paramedics were called, the nearest SAG vehicle is dispatched and rider is notified. All in about 60 seconds. 

SAG was onsite within 5 minutes.

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