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Technology Improves Your Experience & Safety

The participant side of TraQCentral is all about elevating your overall experience and safety.  Our innovative and intuitive mobile app does just that.  A superior experience is delivered through a simple & direct connection with event organizers, their management & support personnel.  Situational awareness and location based communications provide meaningful and useful information throughout the event.  In the unlikely event you require assistance or emergency response, help is just a click away.  The accurate data provided to event managers guarantees a rapid & appropriate response.  Please ask about TraQCentral when you sign-up for your next event.

    The Free TraQCentral Mobile App

    Our free mobile app can be utilized by any participant at an event that partners with TraQCentral.  When you start the app, you have access to all its enhanced experience and safety features.  It displays the event route, any defined landmarks or event resources and your current location.  We utilize the same technology as first responders & dispatch centers to deliver an accurate & effecient response.

    If you download and pre-register, TraQCentral will automatically start upon arrival at the event. 

    Request Assistance

    Whether you have a question, want to report something, need assistance or have an emergency, you can file an incident with the click of a button.  The Command Center will initially respond and send automated progress updates until it is successfully completed.

    Alerts & Notifications

    Participants can receive a variety of alerts and notifications, including those that are situational based upon the participant’s location on the route.  They can be a simple thank-you upon arrival, weather alerts, route/road conditions or even motivational messages.

    Friends & Family Tracking

    Participants can quickly share their location on the event route with an unlimited number of friends and family.  Just click the share button in the TraQCentral app and choose from your list of contacts. TraQCentral will text or email them a personalized link to track your progress.

    TraQCentral Overview

    View our short video below to see just how easy it is to use TraQCentral

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