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Volunteers Expect & Deserve A Positive Experience

Having helped event organizers and worked as volunteers, we have experienced both perspectives. As organizers, we know the sheer volume of manual work completed by volunteer coordinators. We know the extreme effort it takes to organize and manage a volunteer workforce. We also know that at times, all that effort cannot overcome a lack of technology and limited resources. At those times, the end result can be mediocre at best.  As volunteers, we know what it’s like to feel appreciated. Unfortunately, we also know what it is like to feel neglected. We know what is like to be well informed. We also know what it is like to have no idea where to go or what to do.
Ultimately, the difference between a positive and negative volunteer experience is related to the professional level of communication. We built TraQCentral with innovative communication features that help event organizers deliver a positive volunteer experience. TraQCentral….

  • Provides bi-directional communication between organizers & volunteers.
  • Creates a well informed & connected workforce.
  • Streamlines & automates the Volunteer Coordinator workload.
  • Improves Volunteer Recruitment & Retention.

Make A Volunteer Connection

Volunteer coordination and connection features are an integral part of the TraQCentral solution.  Key features provide effective and professional communications before, during and after an event. TraQCentral helps organizers deliver the positive experience their volunteers deserve.


Management can enter or upload Volunteer data into TraQCentral.  Once in the system, the volunteer dashboard is populated. Automated features communicate event and assignment details to volunteers and provides links to download the free mobile app.

During Event

The free mobile app provides a direct connection to the Event Command Center.  Volunteers can check-in/check-out, file support incidents, and respond to tasks assigned by management.  Management can also check-in/check-out volunteers, assign & monitor task progress & completion.


TraQCentral stores volunteer data, including work hours that are logged through the automated check-in & check-out feature.  Volunteers that require confirmation are sent a report.  Future plans include a Volunteer Rewards Program.

A Case For TraQCentral

Only One Call At A Time!

Here’s a real event scenario.  Three volunteers call the support number within 60 seconds.  First volunteer is checking in for his shift.  Volunteer 2 wants to know whether the last racer is past his location.  Volunteer 3 needs more water at her rest stop.

Without TraQCentral

Volunteer 1: Event manager thanks volunteer for calling. Wonders whether all other positions are manned.

Volunteer 2: Race Manager says he will have to call back.  Starts to make multiple calls to determine last racer location.  

Volunteer 3: Line was busy.  Volunteer gave up.  Rest stop ran out of water.

With TraQCentral

Volunteer 1: Responds “yes” to text and is automatically  checked-in.  Command Center updates volunteer status.

Volunteer 2: TraQCentral tracks first & last racer position.  Command Center alerts volunteer when last racer pasts.

Volunteer 3: Files support incident.  Nearest SAG vehicle is dispatched to deliver water.

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