TraQCentral Raceday Management

Single solution improves rider safety, support, and experience

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What is TraQCentral?

TraQCentral is a comprehensive Ride-Day Communications & Management system designed specifically for cycling and similar events.  It is the first of its kind, bringing innovative features and functions to event organizers, support personnel, volunteers and participants. Our Command Center centralizes data and communications, so organizers can deliver an efficient, fun, safe, and an overall superior experience.


The TraQCentral Solution Suite

TraQCentral consists of tightly integrated components; all working together to provide organizers a competitive edge.  Our system is the “must-have” solution for any organization committed to their riders.  TraQCentral improves communications, safety & support.  It  enhances the overall experience for the riders, their friends & family.


Command Center

Our innovative Command Center brings everything together in one easy-to-use dashboard. See everything from staff/volunteer assignments, locations, and status, to all participant tracking and incident information.


Rider App

Participants can download a free app that shows their current location on the event map, allows them to request assistance and provides support staff their exact location. It also allows friends & family to monitor their progress.


Friends & Family Tracking

Cyclists can share their progess and images all along the ride.  From a personalized web page, friends & family get up to the minute location and data updates and can send the rider motivational “shout-outs”.



Management tracks the location and status of every support vehicle. Through the app, SAG is assigned incidents with the exact location of the rider. SAG drivers can also notify riders of their ETA and close resolved incidents.

Support and SAG Response